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Igor Markevitch b. 27 luglio 1912 d. 7 marzo 1983

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Clan (casata) alla nascita Маркевичі
Sesso Maschile
Nome completo
alla nascita
Igor Markevitch

Борис Миколайович Маркевич [Маркевичі] d. 1923

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27 luglio 1912 Nascita: Kiev, Kiev Governorate, Russian Empire

Matrimonio: Topazia Caetani [Caetani] b. 5 dicembre 1921

1936 Matrimonio: w Kyra Nijinskaya [Nijinsky]

1936 figlio(a) nascita: Vaslav Markevitch [Markevitch] b. 1936

1956 figlio(a) nascita: Oleg Caetani [Caetani] b. 1956

7 marzo 1983 Morte: Антиб, Франция


Французький диригент і композитор. Born in Kiev, Markevitch moved with his family to Switzerland in 1914. Alfred Cortot discovered his musical ability and took him to Paris in 1926 for training as a composer and pianist, where he would study under Nadia Boulanger. He gained recognition in 1929 with the performance of his Concerto Grosso in Paris. Markevitch made his debut as a conductor at age 18 with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. As a conductor, Markevitch was well-respected for his interpretations of the French and Russian repertory (such as Tchaikovsky) and of twentieth-century music.

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Degli ascendenti per i descendenti

Михаил Маркевич
Nascita: 1870
Morte: 1872?
Дмитрий Маркевич
Nascita: 1888
Morte: 1924
== 3 ==
Dimitry Markevitch
Nascita: 23 marzo 1923
Morte: 29 gennaio 2002, Clarens (Switzerland)
Topazia Caetani
Nascita: 5 dicembre 1921, Duchessa
Matrimonio: Igor Markevitch
Igor Markevitch
Nascita: 27 luglio 1912, Kiev, Kiev Governorate, Russian Empire
Matrimonio: Topazia Caetani
Matrimonio: Kyra Nijinskaya
Morte: 7 marzo 1983, Антиб, Франция
== 3 ==
Vaslav Markevitch
Nascita: 1936
Лаура Каэтани
Nascita: febbraio 2005
Nascita: 1995c
Nascita: 1993c

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